The Spiritual Awakening Concept: The Art of Not Doing

By | August 26, 2015

So something very interesting has happened to me. I’ve been introduced to the not doing spiritual concept, what I am calling “the art of not doing.” I have always created my desire’s within my heart, processing them thru positive thinking within my mind, and affirming these desires as put into the universe for the details surrounding it to be handled by the universe. Therefore, taking the pressure of myself and letting go the need to control all of the aspects surrounding the desire. This process allows for more peace of mind and trust in this process of creation, the  “art of allowance” as I call it. This is a method I have been practicing and teaching for awhile now. Yes, it works time and time again. It’s especially perfect at manifesting, which is  a gift I’ve been awakedned to even as a young girl. How our negative or positive thinking can bring us what we want in this life or can create more distance between us and our true desires. As long as we are listening to our hearts and releasing any resistance, then it will be.

However, I am now being guided to become open to another approach, practicing your sageness. This is another art form similar to the “art of allowance” yet not the same, it’s the spiritual awakening concept: “art of not doing.”  Sageness is governed by the heart and mind, empting any attachment or judgement for the way things are, have been, or will be. A sage has no ambition other than to practice selflessness and purity through their wisdom and deeper understanding of all.  The “art of not doing” is by no means sitting around doing noting, being lazy. On the contrary, it is tuning in and tapping in, in a way you may never have listened to yourself before. This listening is guiding you by not doing based on what your inner knowing, without restrictions, already knows to be the way. Yes, it is deep and forward thinking, open your mind to the concept. So how is the “art of not doing” different from the “art of allowance?”

spiritual awakening

Well, let me share a story with you on my first awareness of having practiced the spiritual awakening concept: “art of not doing.” I have two small children, at the time of this writing, and are now preparing my son to begin school as a 1st grader. We’re all so excited to move forward into another year with all the new opportunities to learn and grow, to share and connect of all the possibilities that this school year could bring to not only him but to the dynamics of the family. As we’re doing our preparation, I’ve decided to take him to go shoe shopping, as these are one of the tasks to get ready for school. Right? He doesn’t need shoes, they still fit him, they are still held together just fine, it’s not being required of him by the school. So why the need for new shoes, is it because that’s what I’ve been taught we need to do to get our children ready for school, all new clothes, or is it because he needs new shoes? So I practiced the “art of not doing” and decided to wait until he actually needs a pair of new shoes instead. At this time getting him ready for school, I was also preparing my 3 year of daughter for pre-school, and preparing for a Grand Opening at my healing spa, Now and Zen Wellness. So removing this task and expense, as it wasn’t needed at the time lifted some heaviness and it was soon replaced with peace and joy. It did make me feel happy to listen within for the guidance as small of a choice it may have been.

I realize that this story may not be life changing however it can bring up a very good point. We are doing things everyday mindlessly moving to accumulate, consume, purchase, busy ourself according to someone else’s opinions, taking them as our own. Are we listening and following our sageness or just following our to do lists? Did you ever notice, we write out our to do lists, schedule our reminders, feeling focused and driven to accomplish them. Then, we check them off throughout the day, possibly feeling a sense of relief only to then re-write them all over again feeling heavy and overwhelmed? They are never-ending. What happens when our to do lists aren’t being met, failure? How are we traveling about within our day, focused only on the tasks and the outcomes or being open to the beauty around us enjoying the experience, remaining present? Are we missing our daily messages, the blessings being so focused on this never-ending list? I encourage you to release the preconconceived notions, the pressure we put on ourselves and others to preform all the time, to accomplish and possess more things and instead to just be. Silence yourself, create some stillness several times throughout your day. Trust yourself and this process as life has been created for everyone and everything to live with grace and ease. “There is no way to happiness rather, happiness is the way.” Thank you Dr. Dyer and the Tao Te Ching.