The Four Levels of Consciousness

By | August 20, 2015

So we may have heard of this thing called consciousness, conscious awareness, living consciously so what does it all mean and why do I care?  Basically, living in a state of consciousness awareness is an understanding that there is something greater outside of ourself operating this entire universe connecting each of us to everyone and everything always and forever. So when we have a general understanding of the meaning of consciousness then we look further into it as to live more aware of ourself and of all those around us. Did you know there are different levels our role in this existence. Did you know that any are available to you whenever you choose?

Level 1: Ego Consciousness
This is where most of us spend our time on this earth. Ego can be a term used widely but the basic premise is that our ego is our personality. To be completely centered around our ego we can have a tendency to get caught up in our own personal lives, agendas, and motives that we aren’t able to see clearly what is truly happening within and to those around us. On the opposite end of the ego spectrum, one could care for others however be directed mostly with their own goals in mind. Especially as parents, teachers, those in other leadership positions, pushing what is believed to be the best onto others without leaving the situation or circumstances or even the details of the situation or circumstances up to the individuals themselves.We may do this this with the best intentions thinking it may be what is best for them, based on our belief. Isn’t what our heart and soul destiny what is the best for us? Isn’t this totally unique and individual in every possible way? Isn’t the world and the life on it constantly changing, what process or guide lines may have worked before, does it still work in today or tomorrow? How do we know what is the destiny for ourself and the ones we care about?

Level 2: Group Consciousness
Our group consciousness is our tribe, how we associate ourself as by what the group we are in believes. Black or white, Italian or Japanese, sick or well, vegetarian or meat eater, wealthy or poor, PhD or GED, however we want to categorize ourself we are putting ourself into groups. This grouping doesn’t bring us together it actually divides us in limiting our purpose and truth based on what others like us or those in our tribe are believing, doing, saying, and practicing. How are they responding? In Group Consciousness we possibly even feeling trapped by the judgement surrounding what we may choose outside of the “norm” of our tribe. Where is the freedom to grow as an individual? In history some of the most inspirational leaders in the world steeped outside of their group and made some waves with much ridicule and judgement and is what essential for them to do this in order to serve a much greater purpose in their physical lifetime; Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mala Yousafzai, Alfred Nobel, Susan B. Anthony, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Jane Goodall the list goes on and on.


Level 3: Self Realization Consciousness
Here we open up to the possibilities that we begin seeing available to us outside of what we may have thought in the past or taught to us by others. This deeper meaning of self and of life begins to unfold. In this consciousness we find ourself standing at a cross road between living in limitation of our ego or within our group and moving toward spiritual freedom. We find more compassion toward others, how to truly love ourself and to love others, forgiveness and all the other higher vibrations of positivity. This is an understanding of the higher vibration we feel the more happiness and fulfillment takes place in our life. It feels great and want to discover more of it. Although still not fully being able to fully submerge into the infinite possibilities we discover while we wade our feet in this goodness of it.

Level 3: Mystic or GOD Consciousness
Now living in mystic consciousness is living in a state of being that knows that we are all one from a universal source and in an everlasting evolution. Whoa, right? Ok so think of it this way, take a look around you, particularly in nature. Everything is alive. All things, especially in nature know how to serve exactly there purpose of growth without worry, confusion, anger, fear, guilt, or in competition. It is all equal working together in harmony, giving and receiving only what is necessary to grow and further develop, nothing more nothing less. Living in trust is ultimate and greatest purpose. Once we can find ourself here there is courage, possibilities beyond measure, and blessings every step of the way and beyond.

Yes, I know we are a little more complex than a tree or flower(or are we? that’s for another blog). Those trees and flowers were here before us and will be here after us so there is a lot we can learn from nature. While some may strive to live in a mystically conscious state we also are aware that we are here to live the life we were destined to live, knowing no one is better than another. So if we aren’t planning on devoting the remainder of our lives to becoming a monk and living in the Tibetan mountains, we can still live a life of trust, compassion, balance, unconditional love, being aware, and of service to be truly fulfilled. If we remain in an ego consciousness, then what happens when we loose our job or our hair? Then what, have we lost our identity? Ponder this…we are all on our own unique yet specific journey to evolve on a soulular(and cellular) level doesn’t it do us all, mother earth included, good to live in peace and harmony respecting and appreciating what it is that we are here to share with one another, without judgement?