Stop the Skin Treatments Confusion

By | February 7, 2013

So I know there might be some confusion to exactly what each of my skin treatments do, who they’re for and what to expect from them. So I’ve decided to make it plain and simple and lay it out there for everyone. So let’s see if we can stop the skin treatments confusion.

Oxygen Facial-Oxygen Infusion: One of my personal favorite skin treatments, brightens and cleans for healthier glowing skin. Takes about 45 minutes to an hour, includes extractions and a gentle massage. Great for everyone.

-Fruit Enzyme Exfoliation: revitalizes unbalanced and irritated skin, organically. Takes 45 minutes to an hour, includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and a gentle massage. You may experience some slight redness or tingling sensation during/after treatment. Good for sensitive, dehydrated, irritated, travelers, pregnant, teen skin.

organic facial

-Facial Peels: Effectively treats fine lines, clears blemishes, evens pigment with natural ingredients. Vitamin C Peel is a my signature peel which I perform all the time and it gives the skin a great lift and is great for special events, etc. Takes about 45 minutes to an hour, includes cleansing, and possibly some extractions with a masque. Most of the peels you may experience some heat and redness from the treatment that should subside within 24 hours, except for the perfection lift. Peeling(or flaking) may occur and usually is between 3-7 days after treatment. However if no peeling occurs the treatment still did it job by dissolving the dead layers and increasing cellular metabolism. These treatments also may make you more sensitive, especially in the sun so sun screen is necessary.

-Microdermabrasion: Smooths and polishes skin with tiny crystals and a vacuuming action plus has oxygen infusion included(see above). Microdermabrasion is good for rough texture, enlarged pores, some acne scarring, and sun damage.Takes about an hour to one hour 15 minutes, includes cleansing, and possibly some extractions. This treatment may also make you more hyper sensitive and there may be some redness and peeling(or flaking). It’s important to wear your sunscreen as well and take caution in the sun.


-Skin Blending: light impulsed system removes unwanted imperfections such as skin tags, cholesterol deposits, red spider veins, cherry hemangiomas, and overactive oil glands. Time depends on how many imperfections are being removed. This can be added to a facial or stand alone. Includes cleansing and anesthesia of the area, removal, and topical cream is applied. A follow up appointment 2 weeks prior is included. There is some slight discomfort and the treated area will have some redness, sensitivity, and will possibly scab. Allow yourself 1 to 2 weeks for healing. Sunscreen and a topical ointment(Bacitracin) is important to use post treatment.

As always I am available and happy to help you decide what is needed as your skin care therapist. If you are in question, let’s set up a consultation to analyze your skin, go over any concerns you may have, and get you set up with your home care and skin treatments program right away. Keep in mind what I tell my clients everyday is that healthy skin is the same as healthy living it’s a way of life. There’s not a one size fits all approach and there’s never a one treatment solves everything but every bit improves and helps you reach your skin’s true potential. I hope this helps make it a bit simpler and thanks as always for your trust in me.