This page contains skin care videos by Danielle Commarota, owner of Now and Zen Wellness as well as testimonials from satisfied clients. If you are a client, feel free to share your experience.

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by karen adams on Now and Zen Skin Wellness
goodbye skin tags!

Danielle removed skin tags from my face, neck, chest and arms. It wasn't painful and they did not leave any marks. Her care and time were wonderful. Some she couldn't do, and were removed by a dermatologist who used a needle and scalpel, gave me pain, was more expensive and left scars. Danielle removed most of them and I have been delighted the past year without those ugly things! Thanks, Danielle! You are an awesome person!

by Trent Powell on Now and Zen Skin Wellness
Amazing place

I have been going here for about a month and a half. Amazing place. I would recommend to anyone seeking holistic health.

by Nicole Palow on Now and Zen Skin Wellness
A Must for all those seeking a change,

I have been receiving facials and energy work from Danielle for quite some time and couldn't be happier.Danielle starts out by meticulously evaluating your skin in order to give you the best possible care she can offer. The facials Danielle gives are thorough in that she makes sure that every possible area of concern is treated. Extra added bonus is Danielle makes sure you leave her refreshed and in a peaceful state.I recently started going to her for Reiki healing energy and I have to say, it's been the best decision of my life. It has reduced my stress level and has made me more mindful of my internal self.I look forward to continuing my energy work, as well as getting facials from Danielle. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing her services as her professionality is unmatched by any other offering similar services.She does great extractions too. Have been seeing her over 5 yrs. Place is not fancy, basic set up. If you want reasonable facial without the fancy spa ambience, this is the place for you.

by Tiffany Hartmann on Now and Zen Skin Wellness
I look forward to every session

I have received a skin consultation as well as few facials from Danielle at Now and Zen and I couldn't be more satisfied with the changes I have seen in my skin. The redness has gone completely, and the dark spots on my skin have greatly improved. Danielle takes the time to help find what is right for you. The energy and atmosphere are refreshing and I look forward to every session!

Professional knowledge and results + loving care and comfort

Danielle has had a great positive impact on my life over the last few months! She is great! In addition to effective skin care treatments and her professional knowledge/advice on curing my acne, she has been an amazing spiritual teacher. I believe she truly cares about her clients' overall health and well being at a very deep level. I always feel refreshed, calm and clear minded after visiting. She has created an environment of acceptance, love and understanding at Now and Zen Wellness - unlike any other spa I have been to.I highly recommend Danielle to anyone who is looking for highest quality skin treatments and/or greater understanding of themselves, their mind and spirit.

by Sarai Cowin on Now and Zen Skin Wellness
Thank you, Danielle!

I highly recommend Danielle! I have been going to her for skincare services and the results have been phenomenal! The age spots are disappearing on my face and my skin feels wonderful! I love her attention to detail and how she focuses on her clients' needs. She listens carefully and addresses all concerns in her genuinely gentle and caring manner.I purchased a gift certificate for one of my daughters who had acne issues and Danielle has offered a regimen that has helped her maintain clear, beautiful skin.Danielle is exceptional when it comes to the services she offers and the products that she carries at Now and Zen Wellness. Thank you, Danielle!

Great facial with that extra special touch

I've gone to Danielle over the past year and i can say she is one special lady. She provides that extra touch of warmth and caring during my facials that many places lack. I do not feel rushed when there. She takes the time to learn about me and my skin concerns, etc. I always leave her office feeling refreshed! My husband even complimented me today after my facial and said my skin was glowing. :-)

by Robyn Vasatka on Now and Zen Skin Wellness
She holds a very gentle, loving, and nonjudgemental space for all.

I have been visiting Now and Zen Wellness for a few months now for group meditations and intuitive healing sessions. I am very thankful that I was introduced to Danielle and this beautiful wellness spa. Danielle provides a very peaceful and welcoming space for all visitors! Danielle is very professional and sincere. I greatly appreciate the clarity and guided spiritual growth I have gained from her healing sessions. I highly recommend anyone looking for some guided spiritual healing and opening to have a session with Danielle. She holds a very gentle, loving, and nonjudgemental space for all.

by Ravenflower Dugandzic on Now and Zen Skin Wellness
My skin has never looked better!

Danielle is far more than a professional Esthetician! She is a gifted healer that showers you with love in every treatment. She is very gentle & nurturing, always maintaining clear communication so you feel perfectly comfortable every step of the way. Danielle really takes the time to understand her clients and serve them in the best ways possible. My skin has never looked better!

Danielle is awesome!

I had a consultation about my skin. Danielle took the time out to answer all of my questions with no rush. She gave me the best facial with great products. Thanks Danielle!!!!

by Donna Yarus on Now and Zen Skin Wellness
Soul-full Pampering

After my awesome facial yesterday, I feel like I am glowing from the outside and the inside too! Soul-full pampering :-)

by Kristine Thomas on Now and Zen Skin Wellness
New friends

I cannot say enough great things about the services I received from Now and Zen Wellness. From the second I got there, Danielle was so very welcoming. I didn't feel like a client, but like we were the best of friends. The facial and products I got were awesome (I will be reordering)! Not only that, but it was such a treat to receive a handwritten thank you note in the mail only a few days later. It's the small measures, like hand written notes and a welcoming environment, that really exemplify great service. Thank you!!

by Mel on Now and Zen Skin Wellness
Incredible CARE and great RESULTS!

I have had plenty of facials over the years, some good and some... not so good! I was recommended Now and Zen wellness by a friend and found myself in the hands of Danielle Commarota.
The level of CARE I received from Danielle was incredible!!! We discussed lifestyle, skin problems, what I can do to help myself on a daily basis to improve my skin, what products would benefit, things to avoid, things to introduce. Their was not one question that I asked that went unanswered.
I felt that for the first time I was in the hands of someone who truly cared about me, regardless of whether I would come back for repeat treatments!!!! and yes, of course I became a repeat customer and my skin has never looked better! Thank you Danielle for all you do!

Amazing Facials!

I am so glad I found Danielle to care for my skin. She is so knowledgeable about skin care and takes the time to listen to any concerns you have about your skin. Her facials are fantastic! She has a soft touch and uses quality products. I always look so forward to my facial appointments with Danielle. She is the best!!!

by Ralph Daniel Rawe on Now and Zen Skin Wellness
Danielle is the Best in Town!

I am a MAN. I mean I'm an average GUY. I'm 46 years old and I have given up on the idea that I'm ever going to look like Brad Pitt. I DO, however, want to do what I can NOW to have the best skin possible when I'm in my 50's and 60's. Boy, am I glad I found Danielle Commarota and her company, Now and Zen Wellness! I have been seeing her for several years now, and almost EVERY DAY someone compliments me on my face/skin. SERIOUSLY. Almost EVERY day. She knows so much, she is perfect at her job, and she always gets me leaving her office feeling like I have pampered myself! ANY GUY who is serious about taking care of himself should see Danielle! REAL MEN care about their skin and their face!

She does such an amazing job!

Just had a facial with Danielle Commarota - my skin feels wonderful and I absolutely love her products! She does such an amazing job!

Thank you for everything!

My Reiki session with Danielle really gave me the "energy reset" I needed. I walked into her treatment room feeling really tense and stressed out. I walked out feeling very relaxed and ready to take on my crazy world. The treatment helped me to become more aware of how I respond to certain situations and as a result I'm definitely feeling less stressed out. Danielle, you are awesome at what you do. Thank you for everything!

Thank you!

I had an amazing facial by Danielle. She took the time to help me find the best treatment for my skin. She took my concerns into consideration and set me up with a long term plan to improve my skin. I went back to her for some make-up recommendatios. I immediately stopped using my old make-up and switched over to the ones I bought from her. I had a friend tell me that I looked so beautiful. :)

Danielle is an Angel

Hormones were not happy and my usually nice skin was broken outDanielle saved me! She is excellent at skin treatment and improving your condition. I have had several facials with her now and my skin is glowing! She really cares about you and your wellbeing; what a great experience!

by Elodie Alkhov on Now and Zen Skin Wellness
Had a facial today with Danielle and it was such a great experience!

Had a facial today with Danielle and it was such a great experience! She is a real skin expert and gave me a lot of professional advices for my skin. It was so relaxing, in a nice place, a nice atmosphere, the products are relly good and smell so good! I would trully recommand anyone to go see Danielle for your skin, it's so important to have a real expert to help you with your skin, to avoid spending crazy amounts of money, trying all kind of different products or seing people who will give you wrong advices for your skin. Danielle thank you so much!

by Holly LaRosa on Now and Zen Skin Wellness
Thank you Danielle!

Danielle does an amazing job! I would recommend her to everyone . She thinks of all the little things which make such a big difference, takes the time to really understand YOU, and is so super sweet. Thank you Danielle!

by Cathy Carter on Now and Zen Skin Wellness
I recently enjoyed a facial peel by Danielle

I recently enjoyed a facial peel by Danielle at My Whole Health Life. I felt the tightening results within hours and the next day it was obvious she had given me perfect advice! I can't wait to continue a skin care regimen with Danielle, aging is something I look forward to, a good yoga practice and a great aesthetician make it more enjoyable!

by Alicia Hunter on Now and Zen Skin Wellness
I enjoy doing business with Danielle.

I enjoy doing business with Danielle. She truly cares about your skin and not only that but she truly cares about YOU. She is always there to answer all of my crazy questions and give her heart felt opinion. Danielle, thank you for all of your hard work.

by Desiree Best on Now and Zen Skin Wellness
I have never had anyone help me with my skin as much as now and zen has!

I have never had anyone help me with my skin as much as now and zen has! I would highly recommend them. She actually cares about your skin and not just out for your money.

by Alexander Mescavage on Now and Zen Skin Wellness
Incredible Results from an Incredible Lady

I don't know anyone who knows more about skin care than Danielle. She treats her clients as if they are old friends and they come out of her office appearing transformed. Danielle is the consummate professional and has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and accepted. I like that she uses only natural products. I recommend her without exception!

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