Microdermabrasion with Oxygen Infusion

By | March 19, 2012

Microdermabrasion is a term for the application of tiny crystals or grains that buff away the surface layer of skin. There are scrubs and machines you can buy yourself and do at home. However, the machines and the quality of the treatment is much better with an experienced esthetician certified in Microdermabrasion. It’s usually done to the face but can also be done on the arms, elbows, back, or feet. All of the action in Microdermabrasion takes place at the upper layers of skin, stratum corneum.This process has beneficial effects. With the upper layer of skin buffed away the suffice skin is improved making the skin feel and look smoother. Some of the skin’s visible imperfections, like blemishes, mild acne scarring, sun damage, and fine lines, can be removed in a series of treatments as well as establishing a home care regimen. A series of treatments, a minimum of 4 up to 12 at 2-3 weeks apart will allow the skin to continue the exfoliation and speed up the healing process resulting in new and improved skin cells.


Also, without having the dead layers acting as a barrier this allows your facial products to become more effective because the active ingredients and moisture can find their way down to the lower layers of skin.With every Microdermabrasion it includes an a deep cleansing, skin analyzation, mild extractions(if necessary), an oxygen infusion treatment, hydrating anti oxidant serums and moisturizers, eye and lip treatment, as well as a relaxing scalp massage. During an oxygen infusion treatment a specialized masque is applied then a cool mist of oxygen delivers the nutrients deeper into the skin.The oxygen infusion treatment aids in detoxifying the cells as well as brightening the complexion and creating a healthy environment for new cellular growth.With microdermabrasion or any resurfacing treatment it’s extremely important to protect your fresh skin from harmful rays by avoiding long term sun exposure for a minimum of 5 days and wearing a physical sunscreen daily. Your skin may also have some redness, sensitivity, and mild flaking immediately following this treatment and might last up to 5 days.

Good Candidates for Microdermabrasion include:

rough skin texture
mild acne scarring
dull looking skin
enlarged pores
hyperpigmentation(sun damage and uneven skin tone)
fine lines

Not Recommended For: open sores, active rosacea, sunburn, eczema, psoriasis, during pregnancy, Accutane users(must be off medication for at least 1 year), prescription retinol(must be off medication at least 2 weeks)