How Fear Transforms You

By | November 28, 2016
Open your mind for a minute(or two) to the idea that fear is part of our existence and to welcome yourself to feel and face your fear(s). Isn’t it Interesting how we can actually be afraid of the whole concept of fear?  We avoid it by ignoring it, running from it, numbing it, passing the blame to others, stuffing it somewhere deep inside ourselves to not have to deal with the pain of  it.
I encourage you to feel the fear as it arises within you. Allow this fear of whatever it may be, to be felt for as long as you need. Realize that fear is a natural human emotion felt by everyone on this planet. Invite the possibility that this fear is working to open you to other opportunities beyond your imagination.
Once then as you understand how it feels to fear then you can release it. Sometimes there’s a huge “Ah-Ha” moment and sometimes it’s simple, gentle gestures over a period of time. In this process of releasing it, while healing for you, it’s not meant to be this energy for someone else to pick up but to released into purification. Purifying it by sending into forgiveness and love. I like to imagine a giant ball of green and golden light and feel the energy enter into one side of this ball of light to be purified into tiny particles of white, iridescent light on the other side.
Begin stretching your heart and mind to a place of gratitude for this fear and all of the events surrounding this fear. Once you awaken,that moment of realization that no longer serves you, the blessing(s) begin to unfold. From what had been holding you back by feeling this lower vibration of fear, into a better state of being. Let go of any guilt associated with it and know NOW is where this higher frequency begins. Notice this contrast as you begin feeling better and better. This contrast allows you to know the difference between suffering and ease, joy and pain, love and hatred, guilt and worth.
Empower yourself by feeling what you need to feel, process it in your own way, and allow it to move thru you into purification, feeling grateful for overcoming and being stronger, wiser, more loving, healthier, wealthier, purposeful in your life. Remember this Universe and the Infinite, Divine, Intelligence is always conspiring to stretch your past belief system of yourself and of everything making room for your greater NOW self to shine. So Shine On!
Practice gratitude. When you can find the blessing in your challenging situation then you free yourself, open to greater possibilities.
“The greater the challenge, the greater the transformation.”
I am grateful for you,