How Do We Get What We Want in This Life, is it Positive Thinking?

By | July 29, 2015

How do we get what we want in this life? Are we either doomed or blessed to be brought into this life based on our family, financial circumstances, or traditions? Absolutely not! How does our positive thinking versus our negative belief system effect our overall life situation? We are our own creators. So this is a lot simpler than we may think, we have two choices on how to live life and all of which flows from our choice(s)

1) to live gracefully and in trust

2) to fight and struggle thru life

Why does this seem so foreign to most of us out there? Possibly because we’ve grown up seeing most of our family work either two jobs or very long hours. Weekends it’s work, special events and most holidays it’s work, work, work, work. But it’s always understood that it’s for the sake of the family to always work this hard. Even after all this, we can see that there was still so much struggling to make ends meet and this begins to truly wear down those working so hard to “provide a good life.” Emotional and physical problems began to manifest as there’s little time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. This anger, worry, guilt, and resentment continue to wear down the mind, body, and the spirit into nothing more than a walking shell and then possibly into disease(dis-ease). Keep in mind, when I am speaking of work, it’s in the literal sense and not being something that is pleasurable and bringing you and your family more joy. What kind of life is this of continued sacrifice of self?

Our God-Self doesn’t want us to suffer, our God-Self wants only our best and brightest to shine. We are not only seeing those in our families “running the rat race of sacrifice and competition but it’s also being enforced in our schools, sports, media, and well pretty much everywhere. The only way to be happy, successful, and to make it out there is to work hard all the time at whatever cost and to be the best at what you were doing, then we retire to enjoy life. What?! Why wait? Why put off our enjoyment?

positive thinking

Within the past few years, I have personally decided to make a shift in my thinking from struggle to trust as time and time again I could see this theory was just not panning out for me and for so many others around me. Fighting for everything in life may feel like the only way for some, and it is one way to travel through life. This all depends on the type of life you wish to live. Why not choose trust in connecting and following our hearts desires? Once we know what our heart desires we can then begin clearly creating these goals within my minds. Then, reinforcing our minds each day with continued positive thinking. This will do some shifting in emotions, friends, possibly even careers but that’s the only way to experience it. A shift(I prefer to call it over the word change) must occur to make room for true fulfillment. At this point, these desires are set into motion, Here’s the wonderful yet courageous part, when we allow God and the Universe to provide the opportunities, people, places, and all the other details as we’re ready to receive them, the appear! How cool is this?!  Remember at any point in your life you can shift into this way of thinking. Start somewhere, anywhere.

Now this doesn’t mean that you just sit back and do nothing. I highly encourage you to be active in your life, exploring ways to improve your mental, emotional, and physical health. Prepare yourself and being ready to act when your desires start showing up in your life. Just taking this pressure and weight off your shoulders, knowing that the Universe is transpiring and doing it’s “work” to assist you in manifesting whatever you can imagine brings peace and balance into your life, isn’t it freeing? It’s all yours in any amount you wish to receive it; enriched relationships, growing career opportunities, greater health, peace, unconditional love, inspiration, absolute joy, money, and purpose. So create your desire from your within your heart, know that you deserve anything and everything that your heart desires, affirm this everyday in everything you do, breath easy, and enjoy life. Take the path of trust and allowance, giving gratitude for every single moment of this experience called LIFE.