What exactly is a Resurfacing Peel?

By | November 5, 2011

What do I expect from a treatment? Typically during a professional resurfacing peel a customized solution is applied and works by dissolving the upper layers of the skin. As the tissue dissolves, this stimulates the body’s healing response, causing new tissue to emerge. The depth and strength of the peel varies based upon the strength of the solution used and the length of time the solution is applied. This solution usually has a base of either one or a combination of acids, lighteners, revitalizers, anti-oxidants, and/or anti-inflammatory properties.

Should I be worried? There are many people that are afraid to receive a peel based on what they’ve seen or heard from a peel that wasn’t applied or neutralized(removed) properly. I am an experienced, licensed esthetician trained and certified in IMAGE Skin Care peels. I always perform a peel with confidence and am in control of each situation. Doing this allows you to receive a very mild exfoliation to a more advanced peel.Generally, in my opinion, a peel should be applied with more caution than aggression, especially if it’s your first peel. Everyone responds differently, no persons skin is alike and may even differ from visit to visit depending on a lot of factors. Some mild shedding may occur that’s why sunscreen is imperative. Take caution in the sun both pre and post peel as well. A general rule of thumb is 72 hours. I work with you creating the best plan of action for your peel whether you’ll be spending time outdoors, preparing for a special event, or anything else.

Why would you want a resurfacing peel? As we grow older our skin cells turnover producing new plump healthy cells slower than when we were younger. It doesn’t matter if your goal is reducing fine lines, sun spots, or tackling acne exfoliation is the key. There’s only so much exfoliating we can do at home that’s when a professional comes in handy.
How Often? If you’re wanting maintenance then receiving a peel every 3-4 months is optimal. However, if you have a specific issue you want to address and improve receiving a peel every 2-4 weeks for a minimum of 6 treatments is necessary. I can help you find the best peel and peel program specifically designed just for you.