Feeling Blessed

By | October 11, 2016

Feeling blessed for doing so, I made a decision recently out of the clear blue to reconnect with bike riding, it’s not something I’ve done much in my adult years. However, I remember loving to ride my bike with friends during elementary age. We would ride anywhere and everywhere. Mom would tell us to be careful and be home before dinner and that was it. While I realize, times may have been different then I have great memories of being young and free.

Let me tell you, It is true, once you learn how to ride a bike you never forget. You may be a bit clumsy and uncertain at first, but it comes right back, with practice. Not only did I decide to start riding again but I created a big goal(at least for me), to ride Abrianna to school every morning as often as I could. During this 80 minute round-trip journey, I have gained more than I thought I ever could have from a simple bike ride. Yes, it is great exercise but it has been so much more. Abrianna and I have set aside this beautiful time together. Plus, it has been extremely grounding, especially for someone who works a lot in her upper chakras. Connecting with beautiful Mother Earth, we see both the moon and sun in the sky at the same time on our ride, trying to pick out as many animals as we can find, usually all types of birds, rabbits, turtles, lizards, and dogs, as well as saying or waving hello to all of the other walkers, runners, and bikers on our journey. When we decide to get out of our cars all of the sudden we respond in a more human, friendly way towards one another. Have you ever noticed that?


So my message to you is find something that calls to you, that replenishes and revives your spirit, connects you with your inner child, that strengthens your mind, body, all of your relationships, and do that “something” as often as possible. Instead of seeing it as a goal, task, or even as another thing to add to your to do’s, see it as an opportunity. Get lost in it, time will stand still for you in these moments. Be a giver but also remember to receive, this is the flow of life. This biking journey above all has given me a greater reality of just how truly blessed I am, we all are.

Look forward to hearing how you re-connect with your inner child.

Enjoy(In-Joy) Your Life!