Healing Energy

Promote healing, stress reduction, relaxation, and awaken your consciousness. Intuitive consulting and Reiki healing energy wellness sessions.

As an energy healer that is highly intuitive and empathic, Danielle guides you toward reaching your true potential and with greater clarity, joy, and purpose. She lovingly encourages the sessions by empowering her clients with tools on how to tap into their own intuitive side as they travel through their own unique, personal journey. These healing energy sessions are designed to give you some insight tuning into your inner light source where all the answers flow for greater understanding of ourself and others improving our health, relationships, and financial circumstances. She recommends beginning with Reiki or Meditation before moving on to Intuitive Development as this is more advanced study within oneself.

Reiki Healing Energy


This ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation also promotes healing energy. Reiki is administered by laying on hands  and has been used for thousands of years around the world. Reiki is a natural and safe form of healing the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Using this powerful universal energy aids to realign our chakras and remove blockages that may be holding you back from your potential. A wonderful and powerful treatment for everyone at any age.

Our first visit helps you to understand the healing capabilities of Reiki. Following our first introductory visit we will continue our path with a Reiki Healing Package using the hands on healing of mind and body further releasing blockages and limitations of our present, past, and future self. Opening and allowing only the best and brightest to shine. This Reiki package consists of Eight 60 Minute Bi-Monthly Sessions.


Privately Guided Meditation Coaching

This Package begins with one 60 minute introduction to privately guided meditations giving  you several tools and techniques to meditate on your own between sessions. You will learn, in detail, about what meditation is, how to use mediation, as well as experience several types of meditations in your life situations. Customizing this package to meet your individual hopes, dreams, and goals. Then, each week for nine consecutive weeks, 45 minute guided sessions explore the many benefits of creating a happier, healthier you.


Spiritual Consulting

Taking the time to address what is holding you back from being your truest, happiest, and healthiest self. The spiritual consultation uses some if not all of the following techniques; Law of Attraction, guided meditation, positive affirmative prayer, and healing energy. With this consultation, we will do a brief meditation, address some struggles either mental, physical, or emotional as well as work towards some future goals for further healing and empowerment. Creating an intuitive, divine, effective plan together from a place of pure acceptance, positivity, grace, gratitude, accountability, and purely spiritual.