The Idea Of Death-Healing Through The Continuation Process

By | November 3, 2016
I’ve been confronted with the idea of death, again. This week, loosing someone near and dear to my heart for the past 13+ years. I understand “death” is a bit of a taboo topic as it brings all kinds of resistance and unpleasant thoughts. I use the words “death” and “loosing” as a way of bringing you in to this understanding, as a familiar point of reference. This is my definition of how I perceive these terms…
Death: It is a means of continuation, a wheel, the passing through, the capacity to leave from one form to another. By no means is it an ending or that something is over. All is energy and energy cannot be destroyed just changed. Just as a cloud makes a snowflake that later turns into water as it’s melted on a mountaintop, then runs down the mountain giving water to all the plants and animals, finally making its way toward the stream. The stream then becomes another source of life, and so on and so on….
Loss: The difficult, bitter understanding that what we thought belonged to us what we thought we once had control of, in reality, never did. It is everything, everywhere, for everyone, and always.
Step 1: Seeing these moments as awakening, shifting, or of transformation in our lives. Sometimes, the most painful as well.
Step 2: Allowing an intimate, closer look within for healing our pain. What we are willing to open up to in our minds, emotions, and physical being to heal and embrace?
Step 3: Eventually, knowing the blessing that has occurred from this transformation and how to live fuller and more freely.
Remember to honor yourself, giving yourself full permission to feel the moment(s) and allowing them to pass right through you. There is no set time limit or exact way, this is entirely individual. It is how you see things. Are things happening to you or are you creating them?
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(Self)love is what heals all wounds.
Thanks for helping me heal with this continuation. I see you now in everything, Mojo.