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Playing Tug of War

Playing tug of war, this constant struggle isn’t what’s meant for each and every one of us. It’s really not. Somehow, somewhere possibly through many sources maybe 20 years ago or 20 minutes ago you have interpreted opinions about anything and everything. Molding those opinions into your now belief system. This belief system, in terms […]

How Fear Transforms You

Open your mind for a minute(or two) to the idea that fear is part of our existence and to welcome yourself to feel and face your fear(s). Isn’t it Interesting how we can actually be afraid of the whole concept of fear?  We avoid it by ignoring it, running from it, numbing it, passing the blame […]

The Idea Of Death-Healing Through The Continuation Process

I’ve been confronted with the idea of death, again. This week, loosing someone near and dear to my heart for the past 13+ years. I understand “death” is a bit of a taboo topic as it brings all kinds of resistance and unpleasant thoughts. I use the words “death” and “loosing” as a way of […]

Feeling Blessed

Feeling blessed for doing so, I made a decision recently out of the clear blue to reconnect with bike riding, it’s not something I’ve done much in my adult years. However, I remember loving to ride my bike with friends during elementary age. We would ride anywhere and everywhere. Mom would tell us to be […]

The Many Benefits of Meditation

Meditations date back to early civilizations in the East and have been brought to the West and popularized only recently, since the 1950’s or so. This sacred practice is now utilized by so many in creating a happier, healthier self. While there are multiple types of meditations from mindfulness to transcendental, it can be simple […]

The Spiritual Awakening Concept: The Art of Not Doing

So something very interesting has happened to me. I’ve been introduced to the not doing spiritual concept, what I am calling “the art of not doing.” I have always created my desire’s within my heart, processing them thru positive thinking within my mind, and affirming these desires as put into the universe for the details […]

So What’s the Big Deal About Meditation?

So what’s the big deal about Meditation? How do I know if it’s for me? And how in the heck do I do it? Well let’s start with the first question, Meditation is a practice of stilling the mind and body, connecting with our inner voice, our infinite light source, GOD. The practice of Meditation […]

The Four Levels of Consciousness

So we may have heard of this thing called consciousness, conscious awareness, living consciously so what does it all mean and why do I care?  Basically, living in a state of consciousness awareness is an understanding that there is something greater outside of ourself operating this entire universe connecting each of us to everyone and […]

How Do We Get What We Want in This Life, is it Positive Thinking?

How do we get what we want in this life? Are we either doomed or blessed to be brought into this life based on our family, financial circumstances, or traditions? Absolutely not! How does our positive thinking versus our negative belief system effect our overall life situation? We are our own creators. So this is a lot […]