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Want Five Great Reasons to Choose Mineral Makeup?

Want Five great reasons to choose mineral makeup?

1) Mineral makeup is non-comdeogenic, this means it won’t clog pores. Not always, but most of the time when we are wearing makeup it’s to hide, conceal, or cover something like pimples. I highly recommend using a lightweight pressed or loose power, not a concealer, that gives you great coverage but also won’t clog your pores.

2) They’re oil-free, so they generally won’t leave you shiny. Even for those of us with very oily skin and that live in a humid climate, we may need to to a little touch up here and there but  it absolutely wears on the skin keeping it looking smoother and “glowing.”

3) Absolutely no parabens, no chemical dyes, or fragrances. This equals better ingredients for those who are conscience about all of the harmful chemicals out there but makes it perfect for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Any time there are so many ingredients added, especially fragrance, they can cause irritation. If you are acne prone, have rosacea, sensitive eyes, lips, or just overall general sensitivities mineral makeup is the obvious choice.

4) Less ingredients=better quality. There are so many additives that can not only cause irritation and breakouts but they are just not necessary. Most of the time they simply add more(cheaper) ingredients to keep them from expiring faster. Yes, sometimes Mineral Makeup can sometimes oxidize(drying out) quicker than some of the other products but as a rule: toss your products 6 months after opening, always completely close your products after using, clean your brushes regularly(with vinegar and water) and never share makeup.

5) Looks and feels great on your skin. Great ingredients such as antioxidants, the hyaluronic acid(moisture booster in most mineral makeup) or a derivative of hyaluronic acid, and SPF added into the ingredients gives the skin a fresh and clean look plus gives it a layer of protection. Because of it being oil-free it also tends to look and feel lighter on your skin.

Mineral Makeup

So choosing mineral makeup and knowing it can actually improve your complexion from fine lines to breakouts has to give you some hope for a better day right? Be sure to find a professional that can color match you and give you some great tips at hiding or accentuating your features. Mineral Makeup has come so far with just as many colors, blends, combinations, and choices from primers, BB to CC, bronzers, tubing mascara, you name it. Let’s not forget, using the best mineral makeup will only improve your complexion so far but also pairing it with the proper cleanser, toner, serum, and sunscreen suited for your skin type and condition is essential. Lastly, please remember to remove your makeup at the end of each day. Want to really have the happiest, healthiest skin ever? Properly and gently clean and moisturize each and every night.

Acne Treatment in Orlando | How to Pop Pimples












If you are looking for acne treatment in Orlando or natural skin care products that’s effective in improving acne schedule an appointment. We’ve added a video to help remove blackheads and how to pop pimples properly in between visits. As always, it’s recommended to limit your home care extractions to a very minimum because it can cause scarring and spreading of bacteria. I’m sure you may notice that it takes forever for the scarring to go away from a pimple that you popped yourself or even that when you were extracting you may have noticed that it brought some neighbors the following few days. It is really best to leave them alone and call your esthetician for a good cleaning treatment.





Do you have Adult Acne, is it still a teenage problem?

Do you have Adult Acne, is it still a teenage problem?

I am constantly reminded how many of us(me too), are struggling with adult acne. It used to be a teenage problem but most of the people I see and talk to are mostly in the age range of 25-50. Why is this? I believe there are several reasons.

1) Understanding Acne: It’s not caused in sole by chocolate or eating pizza on it’s own but it’s an inherited condition of the pores. Unless you are a lazy teenage boy more than likely it’s not from the lack of keeping your skin clean. Another way to say it is a dead skin cell problem. Your skin stacks skin cells on one another and done quickly while pores have all of the things that can get trapped like oil, makeup,sweat or other debris and not allowed to release can cause a clogged pores. There are different types of acne: inflamed, non inflamed, combination, folliculitis, and rosacea with different grades from 1-4. Not all acne is created equal so not just one product will solve your problems. Have you tried proactive or been on antibiotics for your acne and doesn’t work, there’s a reason. Not all acne has bacteria and not all respond to ingredients the same. Inflamed tends to respond differently by healing a lot faster than stubborn non inflamed.  Having the access to the right home care and treatments most acne responds within 3 months! Then what happens after it clears? There’s the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation(some call “scars”) that is left behind especially for darker skin from the picking and possibly the years of having inflamed, cystic lesions.













2) Hormones, hormones, hormones: yes when we were going thru puberty we pretty much expected it along with all of the other changes are bodies were going thru but now in my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, & 50’s? We are bombard with stressful feeling of the need to tackle on the world between building careers, having a family, being socially active, staying fit, you name it and it takes a toll on us. We CAN do it all but let’s give ourselves a break from time to time. Slow down, breath, and appreciate the things you have accomplished during the day. Plus, especially as women, we are fluctuating between too much estrogen then not enough, then too much progesterone, like a teeter totter. Hormone fluctuation goes up then oil production goes up=breakouts. Learn to love yourself and embrace your body’s changes.

3) Diet: We hear about this pretty much everyday, eat more of this eat less of that. When we get in a hurry or don’t get enough sleep then we reach for  junk foods. You truly are what you eat. Reducing iodines, dairy, and soy plus increasing fruits, veggies, and lean meats as well as supplementation are all big factors to how quickly you will recover from your acne. Eat small amounts, eat healthy(the colors of the rainbow), and eat often with plenty of water throughout your day. how much is enough, take your weight divide by 2 = amount of ounces per day. Allow yourself some guilty pleasures of course but in moderation.












4) Too many medications: Find an awesome doctor that shares your personal health philosophies and discuss it with them first. Too many of us are on so many medications that the side effects are endless. Besides that when we do get off our medications we’re usually not told how to clear our bodies of what’s left over with different detoxifications, probiotics, etc. Don’t trash all your meds right away but just consider that it may not be necessary to take all of them. Nature has provided us with so many amazing herbs and healing foods that can help us feel better and tackle our adult acne, naturally.

5) Using the Wrong Products: There are a lot of different products out there that claim to help control our break outs , smooth fine lines, cover blemishes but it can be just too much for our precious skin. Fragrances, parabens, animal bi products, it’s all so overwhelming to know which is right for you. If your skin is unbalanced and has pimples something you are doing isn’t working for you. Knowing what to use and how to use ingredients properly, this is why setting up a consultation with a licensed pro is essential.


Before & After









If I sound passionate about this that’s great because I am. I myself struggle with adult acne and I see people everyday that are struggling as well. That is why I am so moved by the success stories and how much the quality of life can be improved when you have clear skin. I am the ONLY skin wellness professional certified acne specialist in Orlando and love to help those struggling. Remember this, our skin is a window to our health. If it’s upset, then you’ve got a great built in communication system. It’s alerting you that something is off track. Find a knowledgeable esthetician, nutritionist, herbalist, acupuncturist, therapist, or an endocrinologist to start helping you and your skin become vibrant, clear, and healthy.

Four Tips to Anti Aging and Healthy Skin

Here are four tips to anti aging and healthy skin. The key to have any kind of change in our skin is to get it moving. You would not expect any other thing in your life to occur without acting on it. Healthy skin can be obtained simply but there is some commitment as well as finding the right individual(s) to help you. I, as a skin care specialist, recommend seeing someone trained to understand skin types, conditions, and ingredients instead of relying solely on what you hear on TV or read in magazines.

1. Exfoliate-reverse a dull complexion and increase the skins cellular turnover. This can be done in several different ways. I recommend a monthly treatment exfoliation which could be a peel or microdermabrasion as well as a daily product exfoliation. A cleanser or creme with effective ingredients such as retinol for deeper anti-aging or gentler ingredients such as sugar surfactants for the sensitive types.

anti aging

2. Hydrate-increase moisture for healthy glowing skin. One of the best on the market today is HyaluronicAcid which binds water to the cells increasing hydration and improving elasticity. This is always included in my facial services.

3. Balance-even out skin tone(discolorations) and texture(rough skin). Reduce redness with lightening agents and discolorations such as sun posts or melasma with something stronger, like hydroquinone or kojic acid. In treatment there are several possibilities depending on the degree of your discoloration, peels would more than likely be the most effective option. I say peels and not just a peel because remember it has taken awhile for it to get where it is. Patience and commitment are essential to any skin care program. For textural issues, if it is acne you are suffering with the sooner addressed the better to avoid scarring. Home care and a peel series are the best options. There are also textural issues such as irritated skin associated with rosacea. We do not want to irate it further, the skin must stay clean, hydrated, and soothed with organic botanicals, antioxidants, lightening ingredients, and with oxygen. The Vitamin C peel and oxygen infusion, & LED treatments are the best for rosacea. Lastly if the rough texture is from dullness or from having enlarged pores it’s back to step 1, exfoliation. A combination of acids at home and a microdermabrasion with oxygen infusion to get that skin moving!

Sun protection

4. Protect-last but most definitely not the least is to wear or intake your daily sun screen. This is for everyone no matter the age or color and to wear it everyday. There are so many misconceptions that darker individuals do not need it or it’s only needed when you are at the pool or beach. It is not true. For those of you who know me know that I am a huge advocate of wearing your sunscreen daily. 90% of our aging does come from the sun so remember that unless you want to look like a prune and not have to live in a bubble go for the SPF. I have many formulas to that will keep you from feeling oily or dry, and that will give you a little tint, all chemical-free, gotta love that! Also, I am now carrying UV Harmonized water to add an additional layer of protection both inside and out.

Aging is a natural process and to be embraced. We do not need to look 20 to feel it. Remember find a professional to help you find the best products and program to assist with getting that youthful, glowing, healthy skin. Stick to that program and enjoy growing mature, gracefully.

Stop the Skin Treatments Confusion

So I know there might be some confusion to exactly what each of my skin treatments do, who they’re for and what to expect from them. So I’ve decided to make it plain and simple and lay it out there for everyone. So let’s see if we can stop the skin treatments confusion.

Oxygen Facial-Oxygen Infusion: One of my personal favorite skin treatments, brightens and cleans for healthier glowing skin. Takes about 45 minutes to an hour, includes extractions and a gentle massage. Great for everyone.

-Fruit Enzyme Exfoliation: revitalizes unbalanced and irritated skin, organically. Takes 45 minutes to an hour, includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and a gentle massage. You may experience some slight redness or tingling sensation during/after treatment. Good for sensitive, dehydrated, irritated, travelers, pregnant, teen skin.

organic facial

-Facial Peels: Effectively treats fine lines, clears blemishes, evens pigment with natural ingredients. Vitamin C Peel is a my signature peel which I perform all the time and it gives the skin a great lift and is great for special events, etc. Takes about 45 minutes to an hour, includes cleansing, and possibly some extractions with a masque. Most of the peels you may experience some heat and redness from the treatment that should subside within 24 hours, except for the perfection lift. Peeling(or flaking) may occur and usually is between 3-7 days after treatment. However if no peeling occurs the treatment still did it job by dissolving the dead layers and increasing cellular metabolism. These treatments also may make you more sensitive, especially in the sun so sun screen is necessary.

-Microdermabrasion: Smooths and polishes skin with tiny crystals and a vacuuming action plus has oxygen infusion included(see above). Microdermabrasion is good for rough texture, enlarged pores, some acne scarring, and sun damage.Takes about an hour to one hour 15 minutes, includes cleansing, and possibly some extractions. This treatment may also make you more hyper sensitive and there may be some redness and peeling(or flaking). It’s important to wear your sunscreen as well and take caution in the sun.


-Skin Blending: light impulsed system removes unwanted imperfections such as skin tags, cholesterol deposits, red spider veins, cherry hemangiomas, and overactive oil glands. Time depends on how many imperfections are being removed. This can be added to a facial or stand alone. Includes cleansing and anesthesia of the area, removal, and topical cream is applied. A follow up appointment 2 weeks prior is included. There is some slight discomfort and the treated area will have some redness, sensitivity, and will possibly scab. Allow yourself 1 to 2 weeks for healing. Sunscreen and a topical ointment(Bacitracin) is important to use post treatment.

As always I am available and happy to help you decide what is needed as your skin care therapist. If you are in question, let’s set up a consultation to analyze your skin, go over any concerns you may have, and get you set up with your home care and skin treatments program right away. Keep in mind what I tell my clients everyday is that healthy skin is the same as healthy living it’s a way of life. There’s not a one size fits all approach and there’s never a one treatment solves everything but every bit improves and helps you reach your skin’s true potential. I hope this helps make it a bit simpler and thanks as always for your trust in me.


How Often Should I Receive Facials?

So how often should I receive facials? Well the answer is, it depends. I am consistently asked how often one should receive facial treatments and while it’s not one sized fits all there are some general guidelines. Since I have opened my treatment room doors I’ve always emphasized the need of a through consultation for our first meeting to address your conditions which may be acne, fine lines, sun damage, or rosacea to create a plan of action. Generally plan on a 20-30 minute consultation followed by a deep cleasning facial or a gentle peel on your first visit.

When you are receiving a routine maintenance facial with no real need to address any major concerns, I recommended to have one with the change of the seasons. Why is this? Have you ever noticed that your skin seems dryier in the winter and oiler in the summer? Climates change, our diet changes, the temperature changes, even our stress levels can change with the seasons. Of course all of those factors affect the condition of your skin. It’s important to stay hydrated and reduce redness that can occur during the fall and winter. Peels and microdermabrasion are also a great idea to do mostly in these months. However, during the spring and summer months you may notice that your skin is becoming oiler possibly you might feel the need to begin wearing sunscreen again(which I recommend daily no matter the time of year). So if you’re content with your complexion but just need an additional exfoliation or deep cleansing occasionally I can set you up on the Maintenance Facial Program.

*Maintenance Facial Program

  • Deep Cleansing Facials every 2-3 months
  • Gentle Resurfacing Peels every 3-6 months
  • Customized home care daily
  • Total of 4-6 Treatments a year


Ok, now if you’re someone who has some issues you want to improve. It may be struggles with acne no matter the age or gender, sun pots, rough texture, uneven tone, fine lines and wrinkles. Then a different course of action is needed and I will set you up on a Correction Facial Program.

*Correction Facial Program

  • Deep Cleansing Oxygen Facial or Vitamin C Peel
  • Customized daily home care
  • 4-6 treatments every 2 weeks, a resurfacing combination with LED Therapy and/or Oxygen Infusion
  • After correction, begin maintenance facial program(see above).

Why every 2 weeks? First, our skin sheds every 30-60 days depending on our age. As we grow older that slows down so the idea is to speed up our cells metabolism to shed sooner. Now with that said, you may or may not see your skin actually peeling with some of these treatments just like don’t actually see our skin when it sheds naturally. But, at times if it does peel it will be between 3-5 days post treatment. Second, when that new layer has shed and healed it’s time to shed another layer. This targets the real problems and the spots begin to lift, inflammation from acne is reduced and so on. Third, this time frame allows both you and I to address any concerns you may along the way. An example may be the need to change home care because of dryness or sensitivities. Remember we are on this journey together.

Can’t you just peel off my skin with one big peel and help me sooner? No, I will not do this for ethical reasons. Doing this can very well cause too much injury to your skin and possibly over react causing more damage. The peel may also go too deep and that’s no what we want either.

Both “Programs” do require some committment unless you are that 1% of the population that just naturally has perfect skin without doing anything for it(not me). I’ve said this to quite a few to my clients, think of me like a personal trainer for your skin. If you wish to loose weight, to increase your energy, decrease stress, or eat healthier then may seek an athletic trainer or nutritionist. Someone who’s trained and specializes in helping people do just that. It is truly a way of life just like diet and exercise, brushing and flossing or any other analogy you wish to compare it to.

Also, peels and microdermabrasion are not as scary as you might have thought, if you’ve even thought about them. Done slow and steady and performed by a professional that has experience, they can greatly improve your skin giving you a healthy and radiant complexion. I can’t make any promises to erase every concern you have but I can guarantee to educate you on the right products to use for your skin, get your skin in great shape, and to help you reach your skin’s true potential.

Microdermabrasion with Oxygen Infusion

Microdermabrasion is a term for the application of tiny crystals or grains that buff away the surface layer of skin. There are scrubs and machines you can buy yourself and do at home. However, the machines and the quality of the treatment is much better with an experienced esthetician certified in Microdermabrasion. It’s usually done to the face but can also be done on the arms, elbows, back, or feet. All of the action in Microdermabrasion takes place at the upper layers of skin, stratum corneum.This process has beneficial effects. With the upper layer of skin buffed away the suffice skin is improved making the skin feel and look smoother. Some of the skin’s visible imperfections, like blemishes, mild acne scarring, sun damage, and fine lines, can be removed in a series of treatments as well as establishing a home care regimen. A series of treatments, a minimum of 4 up to 12 at 2-3 weeks apart will allow the skin to continue the exfoliation and speed up the healing process resulting in new and improved skin cells.


Also, without having the dead layers acting as a barrier this allows your facial products to become more effective because the active ingredients and moisture can find their way down to the lower layers of skin.With every Microdermabrasion it includes an a deep cleansing, skin analyzation, mild extractions(if necessary), an oxygen infusion treatment, hydrating anti oxidant serums and moisturizers, eye and lip treatment, as well as a relaxing scalp massage. During an oxygen infusion treatment a specialized masque is applied then a cool mist of oxygen delivers the nutrients deeper into the skin.The oxygen infusion treatment aids in detoxifying the cells as well as brightening the complexion and creating a healthy environment for new cellular growth.With microdermabrasion or any resurfacing treatment it’s extremely important to protect your fresh skin from harmful rays by avoiding long term sun exposure for a minimum of 5 days and wearing a physical sunscreen daily. Your skin may also have some redness, sensitivity, and mild flaking immediately following this treatment and might last up to 5 days.

Good Candidates for Microdermabrasion include:

rough skin texture
mild acne scarring
dull looking skin
enlarged pores
hyperpigmentation(sun damage and uneven skin tone)
fine lines

Not Recommended For: open sores, active rosacea, sunburn, eczema, psoriasis, during pregnancy, Accutane users(must be off medication for at least 1 year), prescription retinol(must be off medication at least 2 weeks)

How does LED Therapy work?

led therapy

How does LED light therapy work? LED is short for Light-Emitting Diode. This therapy is an excellent addition to any facial treatment because it uses different colors of light to enhance the skins cellular metabolism. This accelerates the repairing and replenishment of damaged cells.

Actually, NASA’s studies have shown that cells exposed to LED Therapy revitalize skin in it’s natural form but only 150% times faster! The thing I love about using LED Therapy is that’s it’s great for anyone and everyone.

Red is excellent for repairing after peels, microdermabrasion, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and other sensitivities. Yellow LED rejuvenates and has anti aging properties by increasing blood circulation. Green light restores the skin’s tone making it a great choice for pigment troubles. Lastly Blue LED aids in recovery of the skin, diminishing inflammation to reduce acne lesions. LED Light Therapy is not to be confused with laser treatments, LED Therapy is non-invasive, causing no pain whatsoever, and there’s absolutely no down time. Because LED Therapy is such a mild, yet effective, treatment the more often you can incorporate this therapy into your skin regimen the better. Add this service on to every treatment you receive to start the natural healing, revitalizing power of LED Therapy.

Detoxing Your Life

I’ve recently attended an educational course on detoxifying your life and adding essential oils instead of chemical alternatives. It was moving and mind blowing so I feel the need to share this experience, in a nutshell. If you’re anything like me I’ve made some changes in my life to become more “natural,” especially in my treatment room but didn’t consider much about what I’m doing at home. More and more people are becoming aware of the potential dangers of toxicity in everyday living. While we can’t control everything all the time we can make small steps here and there and become empowered by the knowledge we obtain. Did you know that the majority of the toxicity we absorb comes from what’s inside our homes? It may seem scary but for me it was good to hear because it meant I was more in control of how much my family and I were exposed to. By eating better, using better health and beauty products as well as cleaning our house differently we can eliminate lots of carcinogens.

What are carcinogens? They are substances that have the ability to cause cancer, in short. Look for signal words like “caution” “warning” “danger” or “poison” and avoid them at all costs. How about eating better, cleaner. When you can go Fresh, Organic, Free Range, Without Hormones, No pesticides. Clean your food well and with meat, reduce. Stay away from plastics either when drinking or when heating. Take in lots of antioxidants(fruits, veggies, green tea, & cold water fish) they fight free radicals which are exactly what cause our bodies(and skin) to break down.

Cleaning the house, go for plant based products like oils made from citrus, seed, vegetable, or pine instead chemical and stay away from “phosphates.” Try vinegar, baking soda, cloves, cinnamon, or lemon juice. Health and Beauty Products, well that’s definitely my area of expertise. I would be more than happy to help you with not only choosing quality skin care products that are formulated for your skin type but that are less toxic than what’s OTC(Over the Counter). When reading labels look for words that contain “parabens” “Sodium Lauryl Sulfate” “Petrolatum or Mineral Oil” “Chemical Sunscreens,” “Sodium Myreth Sulfate,” and “Sodium Laureth Sulfate.”

essential oils

Whew, feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused? Me too, take a deep breath and start detoxing your life slowly with one item at a time, baby steps. Also, don’t rely on one place to receive your information, knowledge is power and it is your and your families lives at stake. I encourage you to read labels, understand what you are using and breathing. While at times we may feel very small compared to the large corporations we can speak loudly by the way we consume and spend our dollars. Good luck and happy shopping.

What exactly is a Resurfacing Peel?

What do I expect from a treatment? Typically during a professional resurfacing peel a customized solution is applied and works by dissolving the upper layers of the skin. As the tissue dissolves, this stimulates the body’s healing response, causing new tissue to emerge. The depth and strength of the peel varies based upon the strength of the solution used and the length of time the solution is applied. This solution usually has a base of either one or a combination of acids, lighteners, revitalizers, anti-oxidants, and/or anti-inflammatory properties.

Should I be worried? There are many people that are afraid to receive a peel based on what they’ve seen or heard from a peel that wasn’t applied or neutralized(removed) properly. I am an experienced, licensed esthetician trained and certified in IMAGE Skin Care peels. I always perform a peel with confidence and am in control of each situation. Doing this allows you to receive a very mild exfoliation to a more advanced peel.Generally, in my opinion, a peel should be applied with more caution than aggression, especially if it’s your first peel. Everyone responds differently, no persons skin is alike and may even differ from visit to visit depending on a lot of factors. Some mild shedding may occur that’s why sunscreen is imperative. Take caution in the sun both pre and post peel as well. A general rule of thumb is 72 hours. I work with you creating the best plan of action for your peel whether you’ll be spending time outdoors, preparing for a special event, or anything else.

Why would you want a resurfacing peel? As we grow older our skin cells turnover producing new plump healthy cells slower than when we were younger. It doesn’t matter if your goal is reducing fine lines, sun spots, or tackling acne exfoliation is the key. There’s only so much exfoliating we can do at home that’s when a professional comes in handy.
How Often? If you’re wanting maintenance then receiving a peel every 3-4 months is optimal. However, if you have a specific issue you want to address and improve receiving a peel every 2-4 weeks for a minimum of 6 treatments is necessary. I can help you find the best peel and peel program specifically designed just for you.