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Playing Tug of War

Playing tug of war, this constant struggle isn’t what’s meant for each and every one of us. It’s really not. Somehow, somewhere possibly through many sources maybe 20 years ago or 20 minutes ago you have interpreted opinions about anything and everything. Molding those opinions into your now belief system. This belief system, in terms of how you should act, what you should say, how you should look, wear, live, you name it. We are bombarded daily with thousands and thousands of things to coerce us into a belief system. But what you’re desiring, is it truly yours? Does it come from he deepest part of you that is untouched by any circumstance or condition? Does it feel good when you think, say, or do? Is it coming from the your heart or coming from your mind? Not sure, well then that’s where you must begin. Seeking clarity within yourself. Because after all no one knows what you feel, desire, and think better than yourself. The only person that can bring forth that purity is within you. No matter how hard you try to distract yourself with others, material things, and such, the question ALWAYS is answered within.

Tug of War

Tapping into that is first a matter of your redesigning your unique beliefs, do you know yourself? You are the author, the creator, you’re the star of your own show. No one to blame, so go inside and listen to the whispering, your intuition. Meditation is the way to silence all of the noise and to hear the soft, kind, gentle whispering.

After, discovering your desire(s) with clarity, fully knowing that what you desire is from a “feel good” place, Without any doubt then comes the courage to align with the desire. When I mention courage, it truly is a courageous movement. Because rules, laws, expectations, etc. have been created by others, this intuition, is now your truth.  I’m not saying to go out and break the law or become an anarchist necessarily but find a way to make it work for you. It takes a lot of courage when listening and following your internal GPS(aka intuition, gut feeling, instinct) as it may cause great shifts and possibly judgement from others.

So take a very simple example; when you decide to go to the grocery store, there are many paths to choose from you can go the long way, the short way, the one with less or more traffic, you may want to drive or bike, choose a different time of day, etc. but you know you are going to the grocery store that’s the same it’s how you choose to get there is up to you. Take this simple scenario and now apply it to different areas of your life; self image, self expectations, and the expectations you have of others. No need to judge the past(because that doesn’t feel good, right?). Remember we are searching for “feel good” moments. Release this game of tug of war, no more struggling.

Right now you can pave your own way, unique to you, honored by you, and that feels good to you. Can you imagine if we all did this? So much less resistance, more peace, more compassion, trust, better health, more energy, more fun in life overall. Wow, that’s tempting.

How Fear Transforms You

Open your mind for a minute(or two) to the idea that fear is part of our existence and to welcome yourself to feel and face your fear(s). Isn’t it Interesting how we can actually be afraid of the whole concept of fear?  We avoid it by ignoring it, running from it, numbing it, passing the blame to others, stuffing it somewhere deep inside ourselves to not have to deal with the pain of  it.
I encourage you to feel the fear as it arises within you. Allow this fear of whatever it may be, to be felt for as long as you need. Realize that fear is a natural human emotion felt by everyone on this planet. Invite the possibility that this fear is working to open you to other opportunities beyond your imagination.
Once then as you understand how it feels to fear then you can release it. Sometimes there’s a huge “Ah-Ha” moment and sometimes it’s simple, gentle gestures over a period of time. In this process of releasing it, while healing for you, it’s not meant to be this energy for someone else to pick up but to released into purification. Purifying it by sending into forgiveness and love. I like to imagine a giant ball of green and golden light and feel the energy enter into one side of this ball of light to be purified into tiny particles of white, iridescent light on the other side.
Begin stretching your heart and mind to a place of gratitude for this fear and all of the events surrounding this fear. Once you awaken,that moment of realization that no longer serves you, the blessing(s) begin to unfold. From what had been holding you back by feeling this lower vibration of fear, into a better state of being. Let go of any guilt associated with it and know NOW is where this higher frequency begins. Notice this contrast as you begin feeling better and better. This contrast allows you to know the difference between suffering and ease, joy and pain, love and hatred, guilt and worth.
Empower yourself by feeling what you need to feel, process it in your own way, and allow it to move thru you into purification, feeling grateful for overcoming and being stronger, wiser, more loving, healthier, wealthier, purposeful in your life. Remember this Universe and the Infinite, Divine, Intelligence is always conspiring to stretch your past belief system of yourself and of everything making room for your greater NOW self to shine. So Shine On!
Practice gratitude. When you can find the blessing in your challenging situation then you free yourself, open to greater possibilities.
“The greater the challenge, the greater the transformation.”
I am grateful for you,


The Idea Of Death-Healing Through The Continuation Process

I’ve been confronted with the idea of death, again. This week, loosing someone near and dear to my heart for the past 13+ years. I understand “death” is a bit of a taboo topic as it brings all kinds of resistance and unpleasant thoughts. I use the words “death” and “loosing” as a way of bringing you in to this understanding, as a familiar point of reference. This is my definition of how I perceive these terms…
Death: It is a means of continuation, a wheel, the passing through, the capacity to leave from one form to another. By no means is it an ending or that something is over. All is energy and energy cannot be destroyed just changed. Just as a cloud makes a snowflake that later turns into water as it’s melted on a mountaintop, then runs down the mountain giving water to all the plants and animals, finally making its way toward the stream. The stream then becomes another source of life, and so on and so on….
Loss: The difficult, bitter understanding that what we thought belonged to us what we thought we once had control of, in reality, never did. It is everything, everywhere, for everyone, and always.
Step 1: Seeing these moments as awakening, shifting, or of transformation in our lives. Sometimes, the most painful as well.
Step 2: Allowing an intimate, closer look within for healing our pain. What we are willing to open up to in our minds, emotions, and physical being to heal and embrace?
Step 3: Eventually, knowing the blessing that has occurred from this transformation and how to live fuller and more freely.
Remember to honor yourself, giving yourself full permission to feel the moment(s) and allowing them to pass right through you. There is no set time limit or exact way, this is entirely individual. It is how you see things. Are things happening to you or are you creating them?
spiritual counseling
(Self)love is what heals all wounds.
Thanks for helping me heal with this continuation. I see you now in everything, Mojo.

Feeling Blessed

Feeling blessed for doing so, I made a decision recently out of the clear blue to reconnect with bike riding, it’s not something I’ve done much in my adult years. However, I remember loving to ride my bike with friends during elementary age. We would ride anywhere and everywhere. Mom would tell us to be careful and be home before dinner and that was it. While I realize, times may have been different then I have great memories of being young and free.

Let me tell you, It is true, once you learn how to ride a bike you never forget. You may be a bit clumsy and uncertain at first, but it comes right back, with practice. Not only did I decide to start riding again but I created a big goal(at least for me), to ride Abrianna to school every morning as often as I could. During this 80 minute round-trip journey, I have gained more than I thought I ever could have from a simple bike ride. Yes, it is great exercise but it has been so much more. Abrianna and I have set aside this beautiful time together. Plus, it has been extremely grounding, especially for someone who works a lot in her upper chakras. Connecting with beautiful Mother Earth, we see both the moon and sun in the sky at the same time on our ride, trying to pick out as many animals as we can find, usually all types of birds, rabbits, turtles, lizards, and dogs, as well as saying or waving hello to all of the other walkers, runners, and bikers on our journey. When we decide to get out of our cars all of the sudden we respond in a more human, friendly way towards one another. Have you ever noticed that?


So my message to you is find something that calls to you, that replenishes and revives your spirit, connects you with your inner child, that strengthens your mind, body, all of your relationships, and do that “something” as often as possible. Instead of seeing it as a goal, task, or even as another thing to add to your to do’s, see it as an opportunity. Get lost in it, time will stand still for you in these moments. Be a giver but also remember to receive, this is the flow of life. This biking journey above all has given me a greater reality of just how truly blessed I am, we all are.

Look forward to hearing how you re-connect with your inner child.

Enjoy(In-Joy) Your Life!

Making the Shift

Hey there! So I wanted to thank you first for this opportunity. I am in process in making the shift, big time in the way I see our relationship. One of trust, great significance, and with heart-felt connection. From this point, my hope is to use our connection as a means of simply sharing and keeping us connected, being totally real, and authentic. This is the only way to live life to the fullest.
So let’s get real :) As you may already know, I and so many others have a strong passion to express this radiant, powerful light within but to also be of service to others. It may be that glowing complexion or something more inwards, doesn’t matter. I am here to help you with what I can. We all have this desire to feel like we are making a difference, having a sense of purpose.
Once we are able to find that truth and begin to ease our way into it fully, then everything expands tremendously. Life is meant to be filled with so much joy and inspiration it’s high time we step up and own it. I see light within each of us and in all of our so called “challenges” or “problems” as a means of an opportunity. Yes, while some lessons in making this shift are easily learned others take more time, even years! This timing and response is all up to you. Remember, EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING starts, finishes, and includes YOU. One of my favorite quotes by Diane Von Furstenberg; “The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.” 
 Danielle Commarota
Reach out for some teachings that resonate with you. It can be a book, webinar, retreat, or even a specific teacher or organization to guide you. Look forward to hearing how things are going for you. Share ways  you shine your true light, removing shadows that are lingering and moving forward into your unique greatness.

The Many Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation Meditations date back to early civilizations in the East and have been brought to the West and popularized only recently, since the 1950’s or so. This sacred practice is now utilized by so many in creating a happier, healthier self. While there are multiple types of meditations from mindfulness to transcendental, it can be simple and consistency is the key. Start your meditation practice each day with only 10 minutes for a minimum of 30 days in a quiet, comfortable place for reflection with comfortable clothing. This can create a healthy new habit that will begin to improve your way of seeing things and ultimately, your way of living and being.

Some of the many benefits of meditation are:

• reduces stress and worry

• improves sleep & energy

• slows aging

• reduces pain

• improves focus

• strengthens immune system

• lowers blood pressure

• creates peace and clarity

• heals emotional wounds

• improves productivity and efficiency

• removes burdens

• manifests desiresOm Shanti

When we can find this peace and clarity within our own self first, then the energy we feel and express travels outwardly rippling to many others. Flowing this peace outwardly, living mindfully, only allows for even greater peace to return, it is the Universal synchronistic balance of giving and receiving. Mother Teresa said “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” Meditation is a perfect way to begin the healing and empowering of not only yourself but all those around you. Spread the love and peace. Begin the sacred and personal practice of meditation. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti(Peace, love, and light be with you).


The Spiritual Awakening Concept: The Art of Not Doing

So something very interesting has happened to me. I’ve been introduced to the not doing spiritual concept, what I am calling “the art of not doing.” I have always created my desire’s within my heart, processing them thru positive thinking within my mind, and affirming these desires as put into the universe for the details surrounding it to be handled by the universe. Therefore, taking the pressure of myself and letting go the need to control all of the aspects surrounding the desire. This process allows for more peace of mind and trust in this process of creation, the  “art of allowance” as I call it. This is a method I have been practicing and teaching for awhile now. Yes, it works time and time again. It’s especially perfect at manifesting, which is  a gift I’ve been awakedned to even as a young girl. How our negative or positive thinking can bring us what we want in this life or can create more distance between us and our true desires. As long as we are listening to our hearts and releasing any resistance, then it will be.

However, I am now being guided to become open to another approach, practicing your sageness. This is another art form similar to the “art of allowance” yet not the same, it’s the spiritual awakening concept: “art of not doing.”  Sageness is governed by the heart and mind, empting any attachment or judgement for the way things are, have been, or will be. A sage has no ambition other than to practice selflessness and purity through their wisdom and deeper understanding of all.  The “art of not doing” is by no means sitting around doing noting, being lazy. On the contrary, it is tuning in and tapping in, in a way you may never have listened to yourself before. This listening is guiding you by not doing based on what your inner knowing, without restrictions, already knows to be the way. Yes, it is deep and forward thinking, open your mind to the concept. So how is the “art of not doing” different from the “art of allowance?”

spiritual awakening

Well, let me share a story with you on my first awareness of having practiced the spiritual awakening concept: “art of not doing.” I have two small children, at the time of this writing, and are now preparing my son to begin school as a 1st grader. We’re all so excited to move forward into another year with all the new opportunities to learn and grow, to share and connect of all the possibilities that this school year could bring to not only him but to the dynamics of the family. As we’re doing our preparation, I’ve decided to take him to go shoe shopping, as these are one of the tasks to get ready for school. Right? He doesn’t need shoes, they still fit him, they are still held together just fine, it’s not being required of him by the school. So why the need for new shoes, is it because that’s what I’ve been taught we need to do to get our children ready for school, all new clothes, or is it because he needs new shoes? So I practiced the “art of not doing” and decided to wait until he actually needs a pair of new shoes instead. At this time getting him ready for school, I was also preparing my 3 year of daughter for pre-school, and preparing for a Grand Opening at my healing spa, Now and Zen Wellness. So removing this task and expense, as it wasn’t needed at the time lifted some heaviness and it was soon replaced with peace and joy. It did make me feel happy to listen within for the guidance as small of a choice it may have been.

I realize that this story may not be life changing however it can bring up a very good point. We are doing things everyday mindlessly moving to accumulate, consume, purchase, busy ourself according to someone else’s opinions, taking them as our own. Are we listening and following our sageness or just following our to do lists? Did you ever notice, we write out our to do lists, schedule our reminders, feeling focused and driven to accomplish them. Then, we check them off throughout the day, possibly feeling a sense of relief only to then re-write them all over again feeling heavy and overwhelmed? They are never-ending. What happens when our to do lists aren’t being met, failure? How are we traveling about within our day, focused only on the tasks and the outcomes or being open to the beauty around us enjoying the experience, remaining present? Are we missing our daily messages, the blessings being so focused on this never-ending list? I encourage you to release the preconconceived notions, the pressure we put on ourselves and others to preform all the time, to accomplish and possess more things and instead to just be. Silence yourself, create some stillness several times throughout your day. Trust yourself and this process as life has been created for everyone and everything to live with grace and ease. “There is no way to happiness rather, happiness is the way.” Thank you Dr. Dyer and the Tao Te Ching.

So What’s the Big Deal About Meditation?

So what’s the big deal about Meditation? How do I know if it’s for me? And how in the heck do I do it?

Well let’s start with the first question, Meditation is a practice of stilling the mind and body, connecting with our inner voice, our infinite light source, GOD. The practice of Meditation started in the East; India, China, and Japan thousands of years ago then carried on to Israel and Arabia as a way to appreciate their creator and all of the creation around them. We’ve been introduced to it here in the Western part of the world and it has grown in popularity since then. When we are able to allow the time to silence all of the noise that bombards us each and every day; traffic, TV, construction, jets flying, lawnmowers, etc. we are left very little to no opportunity to connect with the gentle whispers of our guidance and of all of nature’s symphony around us. Have you ever woke up early before the hustle and bustle began and seemed like everything just stood still to the point you could hear the flapping of birds wings or the crunching of the leaves as a lizard scattering to find food or shelter? How about your inner voice mentioning to you to just take it easy or possibly to get your butt out of bed and go for it today? If not, then you aren’t listening and you are missing so much of the beauty of your life and your connection to all things big and small. Would you listen to a whisper that gave you the numbers to the lottery? I’m sure you would. So why not tune in the the answers you’re given throughout each and every day in all aspects of your life? The really cool thing is if you haven’t experienced or remember those moments you can begin creating them now. If you have experienced them but not lately, you can begin again now.

Meditation is for everyone, period. It doesn’t matter your ethnic background, your financial situation, where you live, your religion, your political views, your sexual preference, or your age. Actually it’s been said that if all children were taught to meditate beginning at the age of seven, within one generation we could have world peace. That’s incredible isn’t it?! It’s worth believing. Asking if Meditation is for you, ask yourself this….. Do you desire love, peace, and joy in your life? Do you desire more money, better health, and greater ease in all that you do? Do you search for answers to your life’s struggles and relationship matters? Do you believe you have purpose? Do you feel there is something bigger than just you happening within and around you? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Meditation can be your greatest tool.


Meditation can be done by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Yes, there are many many techniques and teachers, gurus out there. I highly encourage you to find someone or someplace to get you started even if you’ve practiced before and are beginning again. Check out some Yoga studios, Spiritual Centers, Healing Wellness Spas, Retreats, and of course going online. Having a spiritual teacher(s) or guru(s) that can guide you is really important as Meditation will bring about healing and it is nice to have someone to reflect and bounce ideas off of. Find someone or someplace you feel safe. This should be an empowering experience not a co-dependent one. With meditation, consistency is key. Then begin creating a space in your home and/or office that is conducive to bringing you enlightenment and peace freeing your mind and body to enjoy this sacred time of connection. The meditation process and place can be as simple or detailed as you like. Something as simple as taking 5-10 minutes of deep breathing and feeling a beautiful, pure white light flowing through you as you feel relaxed and uplifted with a prayer of gratitude. This can be just enough to help you through an emotion or bring clarity to a decision that you may need to make at that time. Sitting down with your eyes closed may not feel like you’re being productive but it is greatly productive. Have you ever been trying so hard to remember something, find something, or solve some problem to the point that you just can’t get anywhere, becoming blocked and completely frustrated? So you then walk away and possibly minutes or even days later the answer or item just appears. Ok so Meditation can be used in these times as well. Simply stepping away to slow down our breathing and connecting with our inner voice, GOD and always being grateful gives us all the answers we need. At our healing wellness center, Now and Zen Wellness, we also do deeper Meditations that are guided with possible aromatherapy, sound therapy, color therapy, imagery, breathing techniques, mantras or positive affirmations, etc. This assists you with several tools to tap into deeper consciousness, your intuition as well as techniques to take with you as you practice at home. Finding what works best for you and using those techniques in everyday situations no matter how big or small gives life an easier flow and grace. It’s not about the suffering, sacrificing, and disconnect around you. Life is beautiful and so are you, we move quickly in and out of this body in this life time so ENJOY IT!

The Four Levels of Consciousness

So we may have heard of this thing called consciousness, conscious awareness, living consciously so what does it all mean and why do I care?  Basically, living in a state of consciousness awareness is an understanding that there is something greater outside of ourself operating this entire universe connecting each of us to everyone and everything always and forever. So when we have a general understanding of the meaning of consciousness then we look further into it as to live more aware of ourself and of all those around us. Did you know there are different levels our role in this existence. Did you know that any are available to you whenever you choose?

Level 1: Ego Consciousness
This is where most of us spend our time on this earth. Ego can be a term used widely but the basic premise is that our ego is our personality. To be completely centered around our ego we can have a tendency to get caught up in our own personal lives, agendas, and motives that we aren’t able to see clearly what is truly happening within and to those around us. On the opposite end of the ego spectrum, one could care for others however be directed mostly with their own goals in mind. Especially as parents, teachers, those in other leadership positions, pushing what is believed to be the best onto others without leaving the situation or circumstances or even the details of the situation or circumstances up to the individuals themselves.We may do this this with the best intentions thinking it may be what is best for them, based on our belief. Isn’t what our heart and soul destiny what is the best for us? Isn’t this totally unique and individual in every possible way? Isn’t the world and the life on it constantly changing, what process or guide lines may have worked before, does it still work in today or tomorrow? How do we know what is the destiny for ourself and the ones we care about?

Level 2: Group Consciousness
Our group consciousness is our tribe, how we associate ourself as by what the group we are in believes. Black or white, Italian or Japanese, sick or well, vegetarian or meat eater, wealthy or poor, PhD or GED, however we want to categorize ourself we are putting ourself into groups. This grouping doesn’t bring us together it actually divides us in limiting our purpose and truth based on what others like us or those in our tribe are believing, doing, saying, and practicing. How are they responding? In Group Consciousness we possibly even feeling trapped by the judgement surrounding what we may choose outside of the “norm” of our tribe. Where is the freedom to grow as an individual? In history some of the most inspirational leaders in the world steeped outside of their group and made some waves with much ridicule and judgement and is what essential for them to do this in order to serve a much greater purpose in their physical lifetime; Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mala Yousafzai, Alfred Nobel, Susan B. Anthony, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Jane Goodall the list goes on and on.


Level 3: Self Realization Consciousness
Here we open up to the possibilities that we begin seeing available to us outside of what we may have thought in the past or taught to us by others. This deeper meaning of self and of life begins to unfold. In this consciousness we find ourself standing at a cross road between living in limitation of our ego or within our group and moving toward spiritual freedom. We find more compassion toward others, how to truly love ourself and to love others, forgiveness and all the other higher vibrations of positivity. This is an understanding of the higher vibration we feel the more happiness and fulfillment takes place in our life. It feels great and want to discover more of it. Although still not fully being able to fully submerge into the infinite possibilities we discover while we wade our feet in this goodness of it.

Level 3: Mystic or GOD Consciousness
Now living in mystic consciousness is living in a state of being that knows that we are all one from a universal source and in an everlasting evolution. Whoa, right? Ok so think of it this way, take a look around you, particularly in nature. Everything is alive. All things, especially in nature know how to serve exactly there purpose of growth without worry, confusion, anger, fear, guilt, or in competition. It is all equal working together in harmony, giving and receiving only what is necessary to grow and further develop, nothing more nothing less. Living in trust is ultimate and greatest purpose. Once we can find ourself here there is courage, possibilities beyond measure, and blessings every step of the way and beyond.

Yes, I know we are a little more complex than a tree or flower(or are we? that’s for another blog). Those trees and flowers were here before us and will be here after us so there is a lot we can learn from nature. While some may strive to live in a mystically conscious state we also are aware that we are here to live the life we were destined to live, knowing no one is better than another. So if we aren’t planning on devoting the remainder of our lives to becoming a monk and living in the Tibetan mountains, we can still live a life of trust, compassion, balance, unconditional love, being aware, and of service to be truly fulfilled. If we remain in an ego consciousness, then what happens when we loose our job or our hair? Then what, have we lost our identity? Ponder this…we are all on our own unique yet specific journey to evolve on a soulular(and cellular) level doesn’t it do us all, mother earth included, good to live in peace and harmony respecting and appreciating what it is that we are here to share with one another, without judgement?

How Do We Get What We Want in This Life, is it Positive Thinking?

How do we get what we want in this life? Are we either doomed or blessed to be brought into this life based on our family, financial circumstances, or traditions? Absolutely not! How does our positive thinking versus our negative belief system effect our overall life situation? We are our own creators. So this is a lot simpler than we may think, we have two choices on how to live life and all of which flows from our choice(s)

1) to live gracefully and in trust

2) to fight and struggle thru life

Why does this seem so foreign to most of us out there? Possibly because we’ve grown up seeing most of our family work either two jobs or very long hours. Weekends it’s work, special events and most holidays it’s work, work, work, work. But it’s always understood that it’s for the sake of the family to always work this hard. Even after all this, we can see that there was still so much struggling to make ends meet and this begins to truly wear down those working so hard to “provide a good life.” Emotional and physical problems began to manifest as there’s little time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. This anger, worry, guilt, and resentment continue to wear down the mind, body, and the spirit into nothing more than a walking shell and then possibly into disease(dis-ease). Keep in mind, when I am speaking of work, it’s in the literal sense and not being something that is pleasurable and bringing you and your family more joy. What kind of life is this of continued sacrifice of self?

Our God-Self doesn’t want us to suffer, our God-Self wants only our best and brightest to shine. We are not only seeing those in our families “running the rat race of sacrifice and competition but it’s also being enforced in our schools, sports, media, and well pretty much everywhere. The only way to be happy, successful, and to make it out there is to work hard all the time at whatever cost and to be the best at what you were doing, then we retire to enjoy life. What?! Why wait? Why put off our enjoyment?

positive thinking

Within the past few years, I have personally decided to make a shift in my thinking from struggle to trust as time and time again I could see this theory was just not panning out for me and for so many others around me. Fighting for everything in life may feel like the only way for some, and it is one way to travel through life. This all depends on the type of life you wish to live. Why not choose trust in connecting and following our hearts desires? Once we know what our heart desires we can then begin clearly creating these goals within my minds. Then, reinforcing our minds each day with continued positive thinking. This will do some shifting in emotions, friends, possibly even careers but that’s the only way to experience it. A shift(I prefer to call it over the word change) must occur to make room for true fulfillment. At this point, these desires are set into motion, Here’s the wonderful yet courageous part, when we allow God and the Universe to provide the opportunities, people, places, and all the other details as we’re ready to receive them, the appear! How cool is this?!  Remember at any point in your life you can shift into this way of thinking. Start somewhere, anywhere.

Now this doesn’t mean that you just sit back and do nothing. I highly encourage you to be active in your life, exploring ways to improve your mental, emotional, and physical health. Prepare yourself and being ready to act when your desires start showing up in your life. Just taking this pressure and weight off your shoulders, knowing that the Universe is transpiring and doing it’s “work” to assist you in manifesting whatever you can imagine brings peace and balance into your life, isn’t it freeing? It’s all yours in any amount you wish to receive it; enriched relationships, growing career opportunities, greater health, peace, unconditional love, inspiration, absolute joy, money, and purpose. So create your desire from your within your heart, know that you deserve anything and everything that your heart desires, affirm this everyday in everything you do, breath easy, and enjoy life. Take the path of trust and allowance, giving gratitude for every single moment of this experience called LIFE.